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Traverse City Transportation


Use this page to navigate to find which bus you need, fare prices, how to schedule rides, and how to pay. Download our BATA-in-a-nutshell one-pager here.


If you don't find the answer here or on our site, don't hesitate to give us a call at (231) 941-2324, email Customer Service, or try our trip planning guides.

You may also stop by one of our Traverse City transfer stations.



Finding Your Route


The first step to riding BATA is to determine which route is going to take you from where you are to where you need to be, especially if you are looking for how to get around Traverse City. BATA offers not only Traverse City transportation, but transportation to the surrounding areas! Click here to visit our maps and schedules page to determine the right ride for you. Keep in mind, you may need to transfer buses along your route. Remember to request a transfer ticket from your bus driver if you need to take multiple buses to reach your destination. 


Bata bus tracker logoDo you carry a mobile device?  Find your bus using the Transit App or Google Maps Transit.  You may also visit to follow the GPS tracker on your bus as it moves along the route to your stop. 



Once you determine the correct bus for your trip, be sure to arrive to the bus stop a few minutes early. Bay Area transportation drivers do their best to arrive on time, so if you're one or two minutes behind, you may miss your ride! When the bus pulls up, use the screen on the front of the bus to determine you are boarding the correct route. 


Next, allow any passengers that are getting off the bus to do so before you board, which is a good tip to keep in mind when learning how to get around Traverse City by bus. When its' your turn to board the bus, you can hand the bus driver your payment. 


Paying for Your Ride


When you board the bus for your Traverse City transportation journey, the driver will start by collecting your bus fare. The bus fare will depend on the route you are taking and whether you qualify for a reduced fare. You can view a schedule of the Bay Area Transportation fares here


BATA buses accept cash and fare cards to pay for your ride. Fare cards may be purchased at one of the bus stations in Traverse City. We also accept , a mobile ticketing solution! Journey allows you to pay for your ride with an app. Learn more about mobile ticketing here


Do you have a phone and need to board a bus?  Pay with the journey app!


BATA Dial a Ride: Bus Ride On Demand


Did you know requesting a ride on demand with BATA is as easy as logging into an app or using BATA's dial-a-ride?


Link logo

With the BATA Link app, you can request a ride any time! Similar to other ride share apps, you can request a ride from anywhere in Grand Traverse or Leelanau Counties when you need it. 




Looking to get a LINK dial-a-ride bus?  Call 231-941-2324.


Transit Mobile App:

Download the Transit mobile app to find the BATA routes closest to your location. Or, pick a destination, and step-by-step instructions for your trip will be immediately provided on the app. 


iPhone Apple iTunes App Store


Android / Google Play App Store


WiFi - of course!

While you wait for a bus at one of our transfer stations (BATA Public), or even while you ride (Let's BATA & Let's BATA 5G), we have free wi-fi for you on all of our buses! No need for any passwords, but accept the standard terms of use while connecting and you can surf while you ride.  Find instructions for connecting to BATA's WiFi here.


New to BATA

New to BATA?  Watch this video here!


What is the Bike-n-Ride?  Find out how it works here.


Looking for the BATA bus Traverse City phone number? (231) 941-2324


Image of Hall St. Transfer Station

Hall St. Transfer Station

Traverse City's Warehouse District

115 Hall St.

Traverse City, MI 49684


Station Lobby Hours



Cass Rd. Transfer Station

@ S. Airport Rd. Intersection

3233 Cass Rd.

Traverse City, MI  49684


Station Lobby Hours