City Loops


City Loop Map


ROUTE 1 : Weekend times are Bus A Only



Route 1 Map




Route 2 : Weekend times are Bus A Only

NOTE: Learn how the Eighth Street construction project starting May 6 impacts Route 2's path here.



Route 2 Map



Route 3 : Weekend times are Bus A Only (Temporarily Closed Starting May 6!)

NOTE: Learn about Route 3's temporary closure due to the Eighth Street construction project here.

Route 3 Map




Route 4 - Outbound

Route 4 - Inbound


Route 4 - Map



Route 5 - Northbound

January 7th Route Changes : Father Fred and Sugar Plum Apartments are being added to Route 5. 

Garfield / Centre Street stop is being removed to service Father Fred doorside. 

Route 5 - Southbound

Route 5 Map



Updated: 04.29.19