City Loops:  Traverse City's bus routes 


Do you carry a mobile device?  Find your bus using the Transit App or Google Maps Transit.  You may also visit to follow the GPS tracker on your bus as it moves along the route to your stop. To add convenience, you may pay for your ride using your phone with the Journey App.  Please download   today!  



Print maps and schedules at the links below:


Route Map & Schedules Effective: 05.31.24


City Loop 1, 2, 7, and Bayline Map (See for Bayline Construction/map updates)



Learn more about the free Bayline by clicking this link.


ROUTE 1: Downtown Hall Street Transfer Center to the Grand Traverse Mall


New - There are now inbound and outbound stops on 14th St & Maple Street.



Route 1 Map


Route 2: Downtown Hall Street Transfer Center to Library/SOS/GT Health/Goodwill Inn

Service Alert: MDOT construction on E. Front St may cause delays on Route 2 as it travels on the 8th Street Corridor because of detours.  Those riders hoping to make connections at Hall Street from the 8th Street corridor may consider walking to the Gilbert or Barlow westbound Bayline stops on State Street during heavy 8th St. traffic congestion.

New - there is now an outbound stop on Barlow Street at Baldwin (in front of Deerings).


Route 2 Map



City Loop Route 7: Meijer, Grand Traverse Crossings, LaFranier and Garfield Corridors


NOTE: Traffic conjestion on S. Airport Rd during MDOT Construction of E. Front St may cause delays for Route 7.




BATA bus routes go beyond City Loops! For information on the BATA bus schedules to outlying villages and towns in Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties, click here.

Updated: 05.28.24