City Loops:  Traverse City's urban routes allow you to get around in town easily with consistent bus availability.

BATA bus routes go beyond City Loops! For information on the BATA bus schedules to outlying villages and towns in Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties, click here.


City Loop Map



BAYLINE: Interested in where the "blue line" on the City Loop map goes? That's the free Bayline. Learn more here.


ROUTE 1: Downtown Hall Street Transfer Center to the Grand Traverse Mall

Service Alert: Full weekday “B Bus” service is now available on City Loop Route 1 with 30-minute frequency from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  (Updated Sept. 19, 2022)


Route 1 Map

BATA Route 1 Map


Route 2: Downtown Hall Street Transfer Center to Library/SOS/GT Health/Goodwill Inn

Service Alert: “B Bus” service will temporarily be available only from 11 AM – 5 PM Monday to Friday, providing buses every 30 minutes during this window. (Updated 04.25.22)



Route 2 Map

Route & Schedule effective July 1, 2022

Route 2 bus map for BATA in Traverse City





Route 4

Service Alert: Until further notice, City Loop Route 4 service will be suspended due to limited staff resources. Please visit call 231.941.2324 for more info. (Updated: 09.30.21)

Route 4 schedule for BATA bus in Traverse City





Route 4 Map


BATA Route 4 Map



Route 5 

Service Alert: Due to limited staff resources, all services on Route 5 will be temporarily suspended until further notice.


Route 5 schedule for Bayline BATA bus


Route 5 Map


BATA Route 5 Map



Updated: 06.13.22