The free Bayline runs seven days a week from 7am–10pm Monday - Saturday (with ~18 minute frequency) and NOW 9am - 9pm Sunday (~35 minute frequency).  From East Bay to downtown, plus Grand Traverse Commons and Meijer:  The Bayline takes you where you need to go.  For free.  


Do you carry a mobile device?  Find your bus using the Transit App or Google Maps Transit.  You may also visit to follow the GPS tracker on your bus as it moves along the route to your stop. 



Download the current Bayline map and schedule PDF here.



Schedule Effective: 06.26.23

Service Alert:  The shelter and stop that was near the post office and Lot E on State Street west of Union was moved slightly west to Pine Street in front of Riverview Terrace Apartments.

Take the Bayline from your hotel!  Free parking is also available at Meijer and the Woodland Creek Park-n-Ride.


Updated: 06.25.23