Village Loops Routes 10 - 16 & Leelanau Loop


Grand Traverse & Leelanau County Service


COVID 19 Service Impacts: click the link for more information.


BATA's Village Loop service connects outlying villages and towns in Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties to downtown Traverse City. Six different routes connect Traverse City to Suttons Bay (Route 10), Glen Arbor / Empire (Route 11), Interlochen (Route 12), Kingsley (Route 13), and Acme / Williamsburg (Route 14), Old Mission Peninsula (Route 16).


Village Loop service also offers flexibility for deviations and flag stops along the route. 


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  • Suttons Bay - Route 10

  • Glen Arbor - Route 11 (seasonal June - October)

  • Interlochen - Route 12

  • Kingsley/Fife Lake - Route 13  

  • Williamsburg/Acme - Route 14

  • Old Mission Peninsula - Route 16 (seasonal)


Route Map & Schedules Effective: 8.13.21


Grand Traverse & Leelanau County Routes & Schedules


Route 10 - Suttons Bay / Northport








Village Loop to Northport and Suttons Bay, Leelanau County Villages BATA


Route 11 - Glen Arbor / Empire (seasonal)


Service Alert: Route 11 will be temporarily suspended starting Monday, August 2nd, 2021. 



Ski-N-Ride Route Map




Route 12 - Interlochen

Effective September 7, 2021


BATA Bus Route 12 to Interlochen Map





Route 13 - Kingsley / Fife Lake 

BATA Bus Route 13 Outbound Schedule to Kingsley/Fife LakeBATA Bus Route 13 Inbound Schedule from Kingsley/Fife Lake to Traverse City

BATA Kingsley/Fife Lake Bus Route 13



Route 14 - Williamsburg / Acme

BATA Bus Route 14 Outbound Schedule to Williamsburg/AcmeBATA Bus Route 14 Inbound Schedule from Williamsburg/Acme to Traverse City



Route 14 Bus Map to Williamsburg for Northern Michigan Bay Area Transportation Authority



Leelanau Loop - Northern Leelanau County 

SERVICE ALERT: Starting May 17, 2021, the Leelanau Loop route in northern Leelanau County is being temporarily suspended. Anyone needing transportation can use BATA’s Village Link service by calling BATA Customer Service (231.941.2324).


Leelanau Loop Three Round Trips daily flyer Northern Michigan Bay Area Transportation Authority

Leelanau Loop bus route map for Northern Michigan Bay Area Transportation Authority


Route 16 - Old Mission Peninsula (seasonal September - June)

Note: Route 16 resumes September 7, 2021

BATA Old Mission Peninsula Bus Route 16