About Us


A Community Partner

As a public entity, Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) is a vested community partner. Significant community input has driven a multi-faceted improvement plan.


Team BATA Milestones

Our 120 employees, along with the strategic vision of our leadership and the BATA Board, have played a major role in making BATA a better service. Milestones include the following:

  • A major financial turn-around
  • Grant-funded capital improvements, including new buses and transfer station renovations
  • Organization-wide customer service training
  • New branding and service names
  • Rider-friendly technologies
  • Leaner and greener vehicle fleet


Serving Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties

BATA provides more than half a million rides to residents and visitors in Leelanau  (pop. 21,708) and Grand Traverse counties (pop. 86,986), including those in the city of Traverse City (pop. 15,479). BATA is driven to meet the expectations of voters who approved a multi-year millage for operations by 56% in May 2017.



Learn more about BATA's Mission, Vision, and Values.


Updated: 11.30.18