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BATA's Summer 2018 Survey is Live!



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Now - June 22.



This summer the Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) have contracted with Michigan State University (MSU) to assess customer satisfaction and trip purpose of transit riders. This survey was developed for the purpose of research that will help improve transit here and across the state. Your information will be used in reporting efforts towards high quality transportation services. Your responses will be treated as confidential and information will be evaluated in combination with other questionnaires received. 

Participation in this research is voluntary and you have the right to refuse to participate in the survey, change your mind, or withdraw at any time. 

Dr. Z. Kotval-K, assistant professor at MSU, is available to answer any questions you may have and can be reached at or (517) 353-5460. 

You indicate your voluntary agreement to participate by completing and submitting this survey. This survey should take between 5-10 minutes to complete. 

BATA is always looking for ways to improve service and your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your participation.