To meet the growing demands of public transit in our region, BATA secured land to create a new headquarters facility on Lafranier Road in Garfield Township in August of 2022.  The new facility will serve as BATA’s operations and administrative headquarters and better serve the public transportation needs of both Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties.


Project Updates:

  • In August 2020, BATA learned it will receive $13,380,000 in funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to construct a new transit facility. 
  • In March of 2022, Garfield Township Board in Grand Traverse County approved a plan to build the new Bay Area Transportation Authority headquarters off Lafranier Road, which will be attached to workforce houses and apartments.
  • BATA closed on the LaFranier property in August of 2022.


Site Plans: 

Coming soon.


Project Details and Information:

  • The November 2022 millage renewal request is not for the construction of BATA’s New Operations Center.  BATA already secured more than $16 million in federal and state grants for the project and is continuing to secure additional funding sources as needed.

  • The new facility will be located on the northeast corner of the intersection of LaFranier and Hammond Roads in Garfield Township, an area currently served by BATA's City Loop 2 and is also anticipated be served by City Loop 5.
  • BATA and Traverse City Housing are working on a joint development that would combine workforce housing and public transit. This project would be a prime example of smart land use. Combining housing and transportation in a planned development demonstrates the value of diverse entities working together to create tangible solutions to community challenges.
  • BATA and Traverse City Housing have entered into an agreement to purchase property on the east side of LaFranier road near the corner of Hammond Road and across the street from the Ridge 45 apartment complex. The full parcel is approximately 52 acres and is large enough to accommodate both projects and incorporate future growth while preserving a considerable amount of green space and wetlands. The LaFranier property is in a prime location for both housing and transportation with direct connections to north/south and east/west corridors.
  • BATA’s Hall Street Transfer Station in downtown Traverse City will continue to serve as BATA’s main transfer hub. 


Media Coverage:

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Updated: 08.25.22