City Loops


Traverse City fixed-stop routes are called City Loops.


Explore all the ways you can get around the T.C. area below. Scroll down for schedules and additional information.  


NEW: City Loop route adjustments coming June 22 - learn more.


City Loop Route Insights:

  • No Bus B service on Routes 1-5 from noon to 3 pm Mon-Fri. Bus B service also ends at 7 pm Mon-Fri.
  • Routes 1-5 first bus (Bus A) departs inbound @ 6am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat-Sun
  • Last bus (Bus A) departs Outbound 8:30pm Mon-Sat, Sun @ 7:30pm
  • Routes 1-5 Bus A service only on Saturdays and Sundays. 


Route Map & Schedules Effective June 22, 2015



City Loop - Route 1



City Loop - Route 2



City Loop - Route 3



City Loop - Route 4



City Loop - Route 5 (Expect construction delays Apri - July 2015. Learn more).