City Loops


Traverse City fixed-stop routes are called City Loops.


Check out all the ways you can get around the T.C. area below. Scroll down for schedules and additional information. All City Loop routes run seven days a week unless otherwise noted. NOTE: Bus A service on Routes 1-5 runs only on Saturdays and Sundays.


Over the past nine months, BATA gathered public opinion and feedback from passengers, affinity groups, and stakeholders, as well as consulted with transit planners and other larger public transit system representatives on the effectiveness of BATA’s five City Loop routes (and their stop locations). Open meetings allowed for the public to share concerns and suggestions – as has been sourced in past BATA initiatives – that helped to determine how the new routes would be designed.


After reviewing all feedback and data, BATA created a revised City Loop system and some of the benefits include:


  • An additional Route, City Loop Route 6, was created. This route addresses the demand for cross-town travel within Traverse City and provides a number of transfer options along the route. This Loop allows for new passenger connections throughout the city so riders do not have to travel to Hall Street or Cass Road transfer stations
  • City Loop Route 5 now enjoys expanded service. BATA has added a bus to the route so these stops are now serviced every 30 minutes instead of every hour
  • BATA ensured that all highly used stop locations were kept on the route maps, but stops with low usage were eliminated and replaced with new, more in-demand stops
  • BATA will continue to work with the City of Traverse City on bus stop accessibility for all passengers with the monitoring of BATA parking spaces (ensuring these spots are vehicle-free), creating curb cuts and ramps to improve accessibility, and strengthening snow removal procedures
  • Weekday and weekend service hours will not change


Route Map & Schedules Effective Dec. 1, 2014



City Loop - Route 1



City Loop - Route 2



City Loop - Route 3



City Loop - Route 4



City Loop - Route 5



City Loop - Route 6