2024 Bike-n-Ride 


Village Loop Route 10 – Suttons Bay (Leelanau Trail) NOTE: Bike-n-Ride operates Monday - Saturday.  There is no Sunday service but check out our new BATA LINK Sunday service in Leelanau County.  You can fit three bikes on LINK and hit any trail in the area.  Monday - Friday rider looking for something new?  Scroll further below for our Glen Arbor/Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail bus.


LOGO for Bike-n-Ride Traverse City

BATA offers bus transportation with your bike, so now you can get out and enjoy the trails with BATA's Bike-n-Ride program that allows cyclists to pedal paved trails one way and ride the bus back with their bikes in tow. 


The one-way bike trips are approximately 17 miles between Traverse City and Suttons Bay on the Leelanau Trail. The Bike-n-Ride buses allow for 11 bikes to be transported — at no extra cost. The regular bus fare is just $3.00 per person (bikes ride free!) and 50% off for students, seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities, and active military. This can either be paid with cash, mobile payment (Journey), or with a BATA FlashFare card. Debit/credit cards are not accepted on the bus but can be used in the transfer centers


Full schedules for Route 10 to Suttons Bay 

NOTE: Bike-n-Ride is not an express service; the bus will make regular Loop stops. This is a first-come, first-served program, so arriving early for a pick-up is recommended.



Half the Work. Twice the Fun!

One-way fares (bikes ride free):

  • Full fare = $3.00 
  • Reduced fare = $1.50 
  • Credit card/debit card not accepted on buses, please purchase passes in the transfer center!


OPTION 1: Ride the Bike-n-Ride Village Loop buses — Route 10

Biking TART's Leelanau Trail between Traverse City and Suttons Bay is fun and exhilarating, but pedaling both ways can be more than you bargained for if you're not accustomed to biking long distances. That's why BATA and local nonprofit TART Trails have partnered to create a bike transportation program: Bike-n-Ride.

The BATA Bike-n-Ride program lets you bike one way and ride the bus back the other way. This summer, bring your friends, family, or go solo on the trails. Please note that Bike-n-Ride is not an express route; the bus will make regular stops.


What you need to know about Bike-n-Ride:

  • Service is available for Leelenau Trail users on the Village Loop Route 10–Suttons Bay (6 days a week).
  • Bike-n-Ride bus accommodates 11 bikes of various types, including child trailers. All other Loop buses are equipped to transport up to three bikes.
  • First-come, first-served (we recommend that your large groups arrive early but all eleven spots on our buses sedom fill up).
  • Passengers are responsible for loading bicycles; drivers will assist.
  • BATA assumes no liability for injuries or damages incurred to bikes, personal property, or persons while using the racks or riding the bus.
  • Per person, the one-way fare is $3.00—cash only. Learn more about fare discounts.


OPTION 2: Bring your bike with you on any BATA bus

  • Maybe you want to bike the TART to Acme - try Route 14.  Traverse City State Park on the east side or Buffalo Ridge Trail on the west side - Bayline.  Boardman Lake Trail - City Loops 2 & 7.  Boardman River Trail - Route 13.  The Mall Trail - Routes 1, 7, or 12. Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, Route 11 on weekdays or scheudle a Link on weekends.  
  • All our fixed route buses listed above fit up to three bikes (exterior rack storage).
  • Village Loop buses can pick up or drop off passengers along the route in between designated stops.  Just flag us down from a safe location along the road!  Riders may also ask the driver to deviate up to 3/4 mile from the route.  Call 231-941-2324 to schedule a deviation as a pick-up.  
  • To see a video demonstration by TART Trails Executive Director Julie Clark, click here.
  • For rack availability on dial-a-ride style Link buses, please contact BATA Dispatch Services at 231.941.2324.  Most of our LINK buses have racks for three bikes, with some having two.  Only a very few LINK buses do not have any bike storage so simply confirm with dispatch that you have a bicycle.
  • BATA's Bicycle Policy for transporting bikes can be found here.

Check out all of BATA's route maps and schedules.


Route 11 - Traverse City to Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

NEW!  Traverse City's Hall Street Transfer Station to Glen Arbor.  This bus will fit three(3) bikes and connects Traverse City with the Glen Arbor bus shelter on Oak Street and makes a stop each morning and each afternoon at Glen Haven near the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail crossing.  Catching the sunset?  No problem.  Be at the Glen Arbor bus sheter on Oak Street for a 10pm departure to Traverse City.


More ways to Bike-n-Bus around Traverse City: