2022 Season Update: Saturday, May 28, 2022 - Mid October


  • Village Loop Route 10 – Suttons Bay/Northport (Leelanau Trail) NOTE: Monday - Saturday

  • Village Loop Route 11 – Glen Arbor/Empire (Sleeping Bear Trail) NOTE: Temporarily Suspended


LOGO for Bike-n-Ride Traverse City

Northern Michigan is such an idyllic place to enjoy nature, by foot or by bicycle on our myriad trails. We know sometimes riding your bike to a destination can be overwhelming when you realize you need to also bike back.

We have just the thing if you love riding your bike but not how tired you get after. BATA offers bus transportation with your bike, so now you can get out and enjoy the trails with BATA's Bike-n-Ride program. The Bike-n-Ride program allows cyclists to pedal paved trails one way and ride the bus back to Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties with their bikes in tow. Bike-n-Ride is a fun leisure and social activity for novice or expert cyclists, and it also helps protect our natural environment by reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

The one-way bike trips are approximately 17 miles between Traverse City and Suttons Bay on the Leelanau Trail and 9.5 miles point to point from Glen Arbor to Empire (temporarily suspended). The Bike-n-Ride buses allow for 11 bikes to be transported — at no cost. The bus fare is just $3.00 per person (bikes ride free!). This can either be paid with cash, mobile payment (HopThru), or with a BATA FlashFare card. Debit/credit cards not accepted. 


Full schedules are found here:


NOTE: Bike-n-Ride is not an express service; the bus will make regular Loop stops. This is a first-come, first-served program, so arriving early for a pick-up is recommended.





Bike-N-Ride Logo Traverse City


Half the Work. Twice the Fun!

One-way fares (bikes ride free):

  • Full fare = $3.00 cash or FlashFare card
  • Reduced fare = $1.50 or FlashFare card
  • Credit card/debit card not accepted on vehicles!

If you are looking for a great alternative to driving your car, riding your bike is the best option. The benefits of riding your bike include getting healthier, saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, and you are able to enjoy yourself. BATA supports cycling in the following ways:


OPTION 1: Ride the Bike-n-Ride Village Loop buses — Route 10

Biking TART's Leelanau Trail between Traverse City and Suttons Bay and the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail between Glen Abor and Empire (temporarily suspended) is fun and exhilarating, but pedaling both ways can be more than you bargained for if you're not accustomed to biking long distances. That's why BATA and local nonprofit TART Trails have partnered to create a bike transportation program: Bike-n-Ride.

The BATA Bike-n-Ride program lets you bike one way and ride the bus back the other way. This summer, bring your friends, family, or go solo on the trails. Please note that Bike-n-Ride is not an express route; the bus will make regular stops.


What you need to know about Bike-n-Ride:

  • Service is available on Village Loop Route 10–Suttons Bay (6 days a week) and Route 11–Glen Arbor (temporarily suspended).
  • Bike-n-Ride bus accommodates 11 bikes of various types, including child trailers. All other Loop buses are equipped to transport up to three bikes.
  • First-come, first-served (we recommend you arrive early).
  • Passengers are responsible for loading bicycles; drivers will assist.
  • BATA assumes no liability for injuries or damages incurred to bikes, personal property, or persons while using the racks or riding the bus.
  • Per person, the one-way fare is $3.00—cash only. Learn more about fare discounts.

Plan your Bike-n-Ride bus trip now and enjoy a public bus with a bike rack! View the route/trail map and schedule.


OPTION 2: Bring your bike with you on any BATA bus

  • Up to three bikes per bus (exterior storage).
  • To see a video demonstration by TART Trails Executive Director Julie Clark, click here.
  • For rack availability on Link buses, please contact BATA Dispatch Services at 231.941.2324.
  • BATA's Bicycle Policy for transporting bikes can be found here.

Check out route maps and schedules for all of BATA.