Traverse City Comedy Festival


BATA is pleased to partner to with the Traverse City DDA and TC Comedy Festival to provide free transportation to many of the venues hosting shows throughout the the festival. 


Do you carry a mobile device?  Find your bus using Google Maps, the Transit App, or you may also visit to follow the GPS tracker on your bus as it moves along the route to your stop. 



What route should I take?

Heading to these locations below - take the free Bayline

  • Encore 201 (stop at Front and Cass)
  • City Opera House (westbound/eastbound stop at Front and Union @ the Record Eagle, eastbound stop at State & Union)
  • Hotel Indigo / Workshop Brewing (stops at Hall Street Transfer Station and Lot X)
  • Hardy Parking Deck - Downtown TC (stops at Front and Park (westbound) & State and Park (eastbound))


Bayline Hours (buses every 20 minutes):

  • Feb. 1: 7am - Midnight (Thursday)
  • Feb. 2: 7am - Midnight (Friday)
  • Feb. 3: 9am – Midnight (Saturday)


Heading to these locations below - take free City Loop Route 2. (City Loop 2 departs and arrives Hall Street Transfer Station across the street from Hotel Indigo.)

  • Old Town Playhouse (stop at Cass and Lake)
  • Alluvion (stop at Eighth and Boardman)
  • Old Town Parking Deck (stop at Cass and Lake)


City Loop Route 2 Hours (buses every 30 minutes):

  • Feb. 1: 6am - 11pm (Thursday)
  • Feb. 2: 6am - Midnight (Friday)
  • Feb. 3: 9am – Midnight (Saturday)


Heading to this location below - use BATA Link.

  • Traverse City Comedy Club
  • Note: BATA does not have a route that servies the TC Comedy Club on Garfield, but BATA's Link service can provide door to door service to and from the venue for $6.00 one-way.
  • Learn more about BATA's Link service here.


How much does it cost? 

Rides are free on the Bayline and City Loop Route 2 Feb. 1 - 3.


Where do I park? 

Street and surface parking is available near each of these venues, with Lot X being across from the Hall Street Transfer Station and next door to Hotel Indigo, but parking in the Hardy or Old Town Parking Deck once and riding BATA from venue to venue might work better for you! BATA's Bayline route also has Park and Ride lots located at Meijer on US-31 (west) and Woodland Creek Furniture near East Bay.


How do I know when the bus is coming?

Track the bus in realtime using Learn more about BATA's live bus tracking options.