As we know there are many benefits of utilizing public transportation; it is affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly. As more people go back to work and begin to reuse public transportation after its decline from COVID-19, the improvement of our transit methods and offerings will and need to be improved. Here are some current ways and future ways BATA is working to improve public transport and continuing to attract riders in the Grand Traverse and Leelanau County areas. 



Improve Bus Frequency & Routes 

Riders want to get to places quick and often. It is important to our riders that they are not stuck waiting in the rain or cold for long periods of time and that various routes run to the areas they need to get to most. At BATA we are proud of our timely drivers and are constantly adding new routes. One of our biggest improvement projects this past year was expanding the hours and service in the Leelanau areas. At BATA we are always looking to increase frequency and routes in all areas. One of the biggest limiters we face is a shortage of drivers. We offer competitive pay and amazing incentives to get more drivers. To learn more or apply visit our ‘Join Our Team’ page. 


Easy to Use Bus Ticketing Systems 

Our goal at BATA is to make public transportation available to everyone. We are constantly implementing new technology systems to update riders on ride schedules, reduced ticket rates, bus schedules, and easy ways to buy tickets. We also are aware of the wide demographic our buses transport and that not everyone may have access to technology. That is why we accept multiple payment methods including app ticket purchasing, cash, and fare cards. Visit our 'How to Ride' article to learn how to buy tickets and ride with us at BATA!


Increasing Passenger Comfort and Safety 

Transporting community members safely to the places they live, work, and play in the area is our number one goal at BATA. All our drivers are certified and go through safety training before operating our vehicles. We are constantly increasing our safety measures and practices to make sure every rider gets to where they need to go safely. 


We also work to make every ride comfortable for our riders. Our buses and vehicles are updated regularly. When you ride with BATA you know you are going to have a smooth, clean, and safe ride. One of our most popular rider comfort systems is our bike racks. It’s no secret that in our area, biking is one of the more popular transportation methods. We want to ensure that all our guests are able to safely transport their bike wherever they need to go next. 


Reducing Bus Emissions & Continuing to Make Public Transportation Green

We love public transportation because it saves fuel, lowers an individual’s carbon footprint, and reduces vehicle congestion on our busy streets. At BATA we are a leader in environmentally friendly transportation and our constantly searching for new ways to be even more environmentally friendly. Check out our full article about all BATA’s green transportation activities here. Most people are surprised about all the different ways BATA is working to save our beautiful planet.