FlashFare FAQ


How do transfers work?

If you’re going to transfer between buses, you must request a printed transfer from the driver when boarding the bus. If you don’t, you’ll need to buy another ticket for your connecting bus. Drivers will not be able to issue transfers to riders exiting the bus. Transfers printed when boarding Village Loop and all Link buses are valid for 100 minutes from time of issue. Transfers printed when boarding City Loop buses are valid for 40 minutes from time of issue.


How do I use my reduced fare card?

Show your reduced fare card to the driver before using the Flash Fare System. The driver will enter the proper fare before you make payment using your Zip Ticket, Zoom Card, or cash.


What’s the Difference between a Zip Ticket and a Zoom Card?

• Stored value Zip Tickets are paper.

• A Zoom Card is a durable, plastic, stored-value card offering added value of $3.75 for each $30 purchased ($33.75, $67.50, etc.). The Zoom Card can also be “recharged” with added value


NOTE: Old blue punch passes and green tickets have been phased out completely and will not be honored for refunds or fare card replacement.


Where can I purchase tickets/cards with debit or credit cards?

At either the Cass Road or Hall Street Transfer Stations. We accept Visa or Mastercard.


Please note that Zip Tickets and Zoom Cards are nonrefundable. BATA is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets or cards.