In the digital age, technological advancements have transformed many aspects of our lives, including the way we commute. Public transportation has adopted using digital technology to improve the commuting experience from planning to your destination. Here are a few exciting innovations and benefits brough forth by the digital age of public transportation. 


1. Seamless Commuting Experience 

Gone are the days of paper tickets and waiting in long lines at ticket counters. The digital age has introduced smart ticketing systems that provide passengers with convenient and contactless payment options. At BATA we have multiple payment options ensuring that public transportation is accessible to everyone. Choose from using cash, a fare card, or payment through our mobile ticketing app, JOURNEY! 


2. Real-time Information and Planning 

Digital technologies have allowed BATA to provide real-time information to its commuters. Use Google Transit or the Transit Mobile App to quickly find routes closest to your location with time estimates. This real-time information enables are passengers to plan their journeys more efficiently, reducing waiting times and minimizing inconveniences. 


3. On-Demand Transit 

Digital technology has allowed us to offer bus rides on demand to our riders. This cool and exciting service is similar to Uber or Lyft. Passengers can easily log into an app or use BATA’s dial-a-ride to request a ride any time. Starting on June 26, 2023, we will be offering on-demand transit service to all of Grand Traverse and Leelanau County through Bata Link. Learn more about our on-demand services here. 


4. Enhanced Safety and Security 

The digital age has been instrumental in enhancing the safety and security of public transportation systems. Our updated fleet, bus stations, and buildings are continuing to advance safety measures through the implementation of surveillance cameras, sensors, and advance analytics. Our passengers and employees safety is our number one priority. 


5. Sustainability and Efficiency 

The digital age of public transportation aligns with the growing emphasis on the sustainability and lower environmental impact provided by public transportation. Electric buses, hybrid buses, and alternative fuel options are being adopted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn about our Green Public Transportation at BATA here. 



BATA is determined to stay on top of the latest technological advancements to provide its riders with a convenient, efficient, and sustainable public transport commute. Ride with BATA today and experience the digital age of public transportation.