BATA welcomes aboard pets and service animals with the following guidelines.

Pets & BATA

You may transport your small pet on BATA buses if:

• It is completely secure in an enclosed cage, case or carrier

• The cage/case fits on your lap or on the floor between the seats

• It doesn’t put other riders in danger

• It isn’t disruptive to other passengers (i.e. barking, meowing, whining, growling, nipping, biting, or jumping on passengers)


Service Animals*

A service animal is any animal trained to perform tasks for a disabled individual, including, but not limited to:

• Guidance

• Signaling and alerting

• Pulling a wheelchair

• Picking up/carrying items

• Assisting with balance

• Seizure alert

*Animals identified as emotional support, comfort, or therapy animals are not considered service animals and must comply with the above pet policy.


On BATA buses, your service animal must:

• Be under your control at all times (e.g. leashed, harnessed, in a carrier)

• Ride within your space – not in the aisle or a separate seat


If your pet or service animal does become disruptive, out of control, or pose a threat to passenger safety, you must remove it from the bus promptly. The driver is required to report all animal-related incidents to management, including details of the incident, information about the passenger involved, and a description of what happened.

Update: 08.13.19