BATA allows passengers to carry on packages aboard all buses. Please review our below guidelines to help ensure the comfort and safety of all riders.


What Can I Carry On The Bus?

Carry-On Packages

BATA Carry-On Policy Digital BannerBATA's top priority is to make certain that all carry-on items are secured for the safety of all passengers. For the smoothest possible trip with BATA, please download and review our Carry-On Policy brochure before your trip.


Accepted Packages

  • Handbags, backpacks, grocery bags, or other articles that do not inconvenience riders
  • Can be carried on and off the bus in one trip
  • Are of a manageable size
  • Are placed on your lap or on the floor, between your feet
  • May not block the entrance, aisle or emergency exits
  • May not take up additional passenger seats or restrict the use of aisles
  • May not in any way inhibit the safe operation of the bus
  • Small tied packages of returnable cans and bottles that meet the Accepted Packages criteria


Additional Allowed Articles

  • Folded carriages/strollers
  • Personal shopping carts that can fit between seat rows
  • Folded walking aids and walkers



  • Large cumbersome bags of returnable cans or bottles
  • Shopping carts associated with a retailer
  • Large or leaking objects
  • Fishing poles with hooks attached
  • Any weapons — firearms, knives, clubs, fireworks, and chemical sprayers
  • Any sharp objects
  • Gasoline or other flammable/hazardous materials
  • Vehicle batteries

In short, anything that is dangerous or inconvenient to other riders is not allowed to board with you.


Updated: 03.24.17