Bicycle Policy

Bike Transportation

The majority of BATA's buses are equipped with two or three slot bike racks on the front of the vehicle. This convenience allows riders to combine bike and bus transportation year-round. Year-round bike transportation is limited to the passenger-loaded, front-mounted racks available on most buses.

  • Passengers are responsible for the safe loading, securement, and unloading of their bicycles. Passengers may ask drivers (at the driver's discretion) to verify if they have secured their bikes correctly.
  • Capacity for one bike per passenger.
  • Bike racks can accommodate most standard road or mountain type bicycles.
  • Fat tire bikes, large wheeled bikes, and scooters do not safely or securely fit into the bike racks and are not allowed to be transported.
  • BATA assumes no liability for injuries or damages incurred to bikes, personal property, or persons while using the racks or riding the bus



Updated: 05.21.19