BATA delivers safe, high-quality, efficient, and reliable transportation services in its region that link people, jobs, and communities. 



BATA is the premier regional public transit authority in Michigan, and as such, we are continually developing and operating state of the art transit technologies, staff training, performance metrics, and financial management at the highest level. Our vision is that BATA is able to accept any larger mission that might be required of it by its community, region, or state.


  • Integrity — Honesty is the key to strong and effective communication between employees and riders.
  • Respect — A mutual respect between employer, employees, and community members helps strengthen and grow BATA as an organization.
  • Accountability — Integrity & respect lead to accountability, an important aspect of our organization.
  • Community — When it comes down to it, BATA is community-driven—we want to be the best we can be for community members who live, work & play in northern Michigan.