Leelanau County Transit Alliance





  • The Leelanau County Transit Alliance (LCTA) was created by Leelanau County Senior Services, Disability Network Northern Michigan and Bay Area Transportation Authority to implement ‘Inclusive Transportation Planning’
  • Through community outreach and intentional dialogue, Leelanau residents, businesses and organizations will identify unmet transportation needs
  • LCTA hopes to reach outcomes that are collaborative and systemic in nature, creating sustainable solutions that transport people to where they want to go
  • This collaborative approach applies to all transportation services available in Leelanau County such as public transportation, non-profit and volunteer transit programs and private enterprise, as they are all part of a supportive solution




  • Inclusive planning is a person-centered process in which every individual has an opportunity to talk about their transportation experience, propose improvements for current services and the development of new ones
  • Inclusive planning reaches out to all those who have an interest in community-based transit options whether that is by choice (commuters, businesses, and local riders), by necessity (ADA access and seniors living independently), or by advocacy (those who see the importance of affordable transit options for all)





For more information, please contact the LCTA Coordinator:

Alan VanderPaas @ 231-778-1035 / LCTA@bata.net

Updated: 04.29.19