2019 Road Construction (8th Street, etc.)

On Monday, May 6 work will begin on a major road construction project on Eighth Street in Traverse City. Eighth Street will be closed from Boardman to Railroad Avenues. This closure will impact some of BATA’s routes that travel the Eighth Street corridor.


The following BATA routes and services will be impacted during the project which runs from May 6 to late fall.

  • City Loop Route 2 (Route path modification): Route 2’s path will be modified during the road construction. On its Outbound run, Route 2 will travel State Street to Boardman Ave to Front Street. Route 2 will add a temporary stop in front of Little Fleet at East Front and Wellington Streets. From there it will travel down Barlow to make its way to the Route 2 stop in front of the Traverse Area District Library. It will do the reverse on its Inbound run. The following stops will not be serviced by Route 2 during the Eighth Street project:
    • Cass Street at Lake Ave. (#205 and #275) NOTE: Village Loop Route 13 – Kingsley will still service this stop location during the road work.
    • Eighth Street at Lake Ave. (#207 and #273)
    • Eighth Street at Wellington St. (#208 and #272)


  • City Loop Route 3 (Temporary route closure): A large portion of Route 3 follows Eighth Street. Due to the road construction project, no viable detour options and usage impact concerns, service on Route 3 will be temporarily halted during the project. Route 3 will return to service once the Eighth Street road work is complete in late fall. Notifications will be placed on all the Route 3 stops letting riders know about the suspension of service and indicating the nearest BATA stop in that area.


  • Village Loop Route 14 – Acme/Williamsburg (Route path modification): Route 14’s path will also be modified on its way to the Acme/Williamsburg area by traveling Grandview Parkway / East Front Street to Rose Street and then connecting back with Eighth Street and continuing on to Garfield Avenue. A temporary Route 14 stop will be added at Eighth and Rose Streets near the Family Fare grocery store.


All routes impacted by the Eighth Street road construction plan to return to their normal route paths and service levels following the completion of the project. Some of the route path detours may be modified during the road work based on traffic impacts. If you have questions call BATA Customer Service at 231.941.2324. 


Updates on the progress of the 8th Street reconstruction can be found here : http://www.8thstreettc.info/



We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing transportation on and through the new Eighth Street corridor in the fall.