Zero Emission Buses 

Every public transportation trend predictor indicts that there will continue to be a major push towards electric and zero emission vehicles. The US Department of Transportation notes that zero emission buses can each eliminate hundreds of tons of CO2 compared the vehicles currently in use. Zero emission vehicles require less operational and maintenance costs while also outlasting the buses we see on the road today.  

Seeing the financial and environmental benefits of zero emission vehicles, public transportation fleet managers across the country are optimistic about their implementation. Though these vehicles aren’t as readily manufactured quite yet, we will likely see the number of zero emission buses begin to skyrocket. 

More People Using Public Transport 

The number of people utilizing public transportation fell drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these figures are rapidly beginning to increase again. To the point where public transportation is becoming one of the most important parts of urban development. For riders, public transportation continues to be the more cost-effective mode of transportation.  

With this increase comes driver shortages, which has caused a cut or delay in services across the country. However, the shortage in drivers is also tied to the fact that many drivers are retiring since the average age of drivers in the U.S. is about 53 years old. Noting this, the implementation of automated or self-driving vehicles has become more common.