2022 Summer Customer Satisfaction Survey


BATA’s Summer 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey is now live. Please take a moment to share your feedback on how we’re doing and what improvements you’d like to see moving forward. We appreciate and value your feedback.


The objective of this survey is to understand how satisfied you are with our transit service and why you are using public transit. Your answers will help us ensure the quality of our current public transportation services. You can complete this survey every time you make a trip.


Thank you for your time! For more information on the survey, please contact BATA at 231.941.2324 or Dr. Z. Kotval-K (MSU) at (517) 353-5460.


Fixed Route Rider Survey Link (Bayline and City/Village Loop)


Demand Response / Micro-transit Rider Survey Link (Link On-Demand and Village Link)


Updated: 08.04.22