Here are just a few of our great team members:



Team Member Since 1997

"At first, I wasn't sure if I liked the hat.  But people remember me by it and it's a great sun visor."




Team Member Since 1999

"BATA is exciting, moving forward, and an asset to the community."

"I feel that I am giving back to the community and helping people every day."


Team Member Since 2011

"I drive the Health Ride and I love all my riders...I reassure them that they are going to get a ride home."


Team Member Since 2012

"My job at BATA has given me the opportunity to meet new people, customers and co-workers. I always greet customers with a smile."


Did you know? Shirley enjoys gardening and collecting rocks from the beach on her days off.


Team Member Since 2007


Team Member Since 1999

"It's all about meeting people. We help people keep their independence. It's very fulfilling, I can't imagine doing anything else."


Did you know? An avid blues fan, Christy frequently attends festivals in Chicago.

Updated: 01.29.19