Give Back to the Community and Join BATA’s Board of Directors


Ideal candidates will possess a strong vision for the role public transportation plays in supporting its community, will be an advocate of public transit, will be engaged in leading the organization’s growth strategically, will provide responsible fiscal oversight and will have the ability to participate in constructive dialogue with colleagues.  Experience serving in a leadership capacity of a private or public-sector organization or on other boards is a plus.  


Preferred skillsets BATA’s Board is looking for include:

  • City of Traverse City Resident or Urban Area Representative should be someone deeply engaged in city planning or urban needs for public transit. Since Traverse City houses the heart of the BATA system, this position will bring to the board valuable information to assist with BATA’s short and long-term decision making.
  • Multi-modal Transportation Representative should be an avid user and proponent of a variety modes of transportation including biking, walking or personal e-transportation such as scooters or e-bikes. This position will bring to the board insights around the region’s current and future trail system, biking community and how various forms of transportation integrate with public transit.
  • BATA Rider or Representative of BATA’s Rider Community should be a regular BATA user or represent frequent BATA riders and will bring to the board a unique understanding of BATA’s services from a rider’s perspective.


The BATA Board meets regularly on the last Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. and members may be called on to attend special meetings as needed.  If interested, please complete the application and submit to Interested candidates will be interviewed by BATA’s Governance Committee and recommendations will go to the existing full BATA Board for approval. Once approved by the full BATA Board, positions will be filled by approved candidates.


Download the BATA Board Member application.


BATA’s Board composition includes:

  • 4 representatives appointed by Grand Traverse County including one Grand Traverse County Commissioner
  • 2 representatives appointed by Leelanau County including one Leelanau County Commissioner
  • 1 representatives at-large selected by BATA’s Board of Directors


All candidates are encouraged to review BATA’s Board Member roles and responsibiliteis, bylaws and other board policies here.



Download the BATA Board Member application.


Updated: 10.24.23