Leelanau County Transit Alliance



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The Leelanau County Transit Alliance (LCTA) is a new community-based initiative to engage Leelanau County residents to identify unmet public transportation needs and reimagine transit services to meet those needs and improve the lives of Leelanau residents.



Inclusive Planning is a person-centered process that has constituent involvement at its core.  The LCTA initiative will enable residents who ride public transportation by choice, by necessity, or are allies for those who rely on it for access and independence to be directly involved in its design and development.  The LCTA welcomes all Leelanau residents, business owners, and agency representatives interested in improving public transit.



The LCTA will perform extensive community outreach to identify rural transit challenges and needs specific to Leelanau County.  Community feedback will guide and define creative solutions for relevant transit services.  The Bay Area Transportation Authority offers full support to this endeavor and looks forward to its outcomes.



Leelanau County residents and allies interested in improving public transit options are encouraged to attend the upcoming Community Forum scheduled for 9/18/18 at the Leelanau County Government Center from 9 to 11am.  No prior knowledge of transportation or community involvement is necessary.  Email us to receive updates on the initiative’s progress and opportunities to support our efforts.



After the Community Forum, ongoing LCTA meetings will be scheduled.  Outreach activities will occur September through December and will include: Open Forums, Local Business Dialogues, Pop-Up Info Tents, Community outreach, Social and local media, Community surveys, bus rider interviews, etc.



For more information, please contact the LCTA Coordinator:

Alan VanderPaas @ 231-778-1035 / LCTA@bata.net

Updated: 09.17.18