City Link versus Village Link

Residents of the City of Traverse City and immidiate surrounding areas via our City Link program. 


Outlaying areas are serviced by our Village Link program. 



City Link & Village Link: Hours


City LInk: Daily; 6AM to Midnight

Village Link: Monday - Friday: 6AM - 10AM & 2PM - 7PM

Village Link: No Weekend Service



City Link & Village Link: Service Delivery


City Link: Door-to-Door from your residence to final destination

Village Link: Door-to-Loop Stop

Village Link will pick you up at your residence and bring you to the nearest Loop route, to take you on your way to your final destination



City Link & Village Link: Fare


City Link (one-way): $3.00 

Village Link (one-way): $3:00 inludes direct Link/Loop connection


Benzie Bus (Lake Ann Route)