New Solar Lit Shelters




We’ve listened – again! BATA is in the process of installing 14 new bus shelters in key locations along its routes. Due to be fully installed by the end of May, these shelters will allow for a more enjoyable riding experience, especially in inclement weather. The shelters are built in two sizes: 6’ x 10’ and 4’ x 8’. The larger model will address accessibility needs while providing riders a more comfortable environment. The smaller model will add convenience, allowing us to provide passengers access in areas with greater space restrictions.


In addition, riders will have access to system-wide maps and brochures inside each shelter, providing our passengers with information as it is needed.


The new glass shelters will be solar lit for energy efficiency and cleaned on a regular basis.


Current locations for the shelter installations include the following:


Route 10: Suttons Bay

Shady Lane Market


Route 11: Glen Arbor                                                                  

Grumpy’s Market

Maple City Lions

Glen Arbor Oak at Western


Route 12: Interlochen


Blair Township Hall 

Ric’s Food Store


Route 13: Kingsley


Hobbs Hwy Park & Ride

Northland Foods


Route 14: Williamsburg

Woodland Creek

M-72 Park & Ride


Two of the 14 bus shelters will be installed in yet-to-be-determined locations. A current model bus shelter will also be placed at the NMC Parsons Stulen Building.


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